RapidLink: UCR-Corona. Fewer stops. Same fare.


Monday – Friday: 5:30-8:30 a.m. and 2:30-5:30 p.m.

RapidLink provides faster and more frequent service, a modern look and a whole new attitude --- all at the same price as local bus service. 

The Gold Line operates between UC Riverside (UCR) and Corona Transit Center along Magnolia and University avenues. 

Gold Line’s weekday service is frequent with buses departing UCR and Corona every 15 minutes during peak commuting hours. The other good news is Gold Line travel times is up to 30 percent faster than Route 1, which travels along the same corridor.

It may be faster, but costs the same as existing RTA local bus routes: $1.50 per ride with discounts available for seniors, disabled and veterans. All RTA 1-day, 7-day and 30-day passes are accepted. Go-Pass, U-Pass and Riverside City Pass are also accepted.

The bus fleet continues RTA's tradition of using clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas and feature 38 seats, free Wi-Fi, USB chargers and a rack that can carry up to two bikes. Customers can also track these buses in real-time with BusWatch at www.rtabus.com, on the BusWatch app or on the Transit app.

Gold Line service between UCR and Corona Transit Center serves 14 bus stops. These special stops are reserved exclusively for Gold Line buses and come with modern shelters, solar-powered lighting and information signage. Stops are located at many popular destinations. 

With the launch of RapidLink Gold Line, RTA ushered in a new faster era of transit service with comfort, style and reliability.

Welcome aboard!


Use this chart to determine the average travel time between Gold Line bus stops. Times will vary depending on time of day and traffic conditions. Use BusWatch for real-time arrival information.

How to calculate your RapidLink travel time: 

1. Pick your starting point from the list along the left side of the chart. 
2. Pick your destination from the list along the top of the chart.
3. Pinpoint where the starting point and destination cells intersect on the chart to get the number of minutes it will take to arrive.

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