Effective June 23, Bus Stop # 2558 at the intersection of Winchester and Nicolas roads in Temecula, which serves southbound routes 23 and 79, will be temporarily moved about 100 feet north. Because the sidewalk will be temporarily closed in that area, customers are encouraged to not jaywalk and instead use the Santa Gertrudis Creek Trail bike path to cross Winchester Road.

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  • Wednesday January 08

    Route 42 Bus Stop Discontinued in San Jacinto

    On January 12, Route 42 westbound bus stop 4106 off Lake Park Drive at Soboba Springs Estates will be removed. Nearby stops include 3205 and 3234. See map for details.

  • Wednesday January 08

    Route 13 Bus Stops Updated in Riverside

    On January 12, two Route 13 bus stops (westbound 1664 and eastbound 1651) will move on Chicago Avenue and a new one (eastbound 4714) will open on Spruce Street. See…

  • Wednesday January 08

    Route 24 Bus Stop Relocated in Temecula

    On January 12, the Route 24 northbound bus stop 2588 on Rancho California Road near Moraga Road in Temecula will be relocated about 500 feet west to provide better access…

  • Tuesday January 07

    RTA To Discontinue Trips On Routes 20 And 22

    Due to low ridership, o January 12, discontinue five weekday trips on routes 20 and 22 servMoreno Valley, Riverside and Citrus Hill High School The discontinued morning trips are: Route 20 eastbound trip departing Moreno…

  • Tuesday January 07

    Route 51 Bus Stop at UC Riverside Removed

      Effective January 12, Route 51 Crest Cruiser will no longer serve Stop 3520 at UC Riverside Lot 30. The nearest stops are 3289 (UC Riverside Lot 4) and 1916…

  • Tuesday January 07

    New Boarding Locations at Moreno Valley Mall

      Effective January 12, some of the boarding locations at the Moreno Valley Mall will change. Look for changes at Bays D and E, as well as new bays G…

  • Tuesday January 07

    Route 54 Discontinued

      Effective January 13, Route 54 will be discontinued due to low ridership. Customers headed to the County Administration Center from Riverside-Downtown Metrolink Station can use routes 208 and 210,…

  • Monday January 06

    Route 8 Trip Discontinued

      Beginning January 13, the Route 8 counterclockwise weekday trip departing the Lake Elsinore Outlet Center at 2:32 p.m. during school days will be discontinued due to low ridership. Customers…

  • Friday January 03

    Route 12 Bus Stop Relocated to Bay G at Galleria at Tyler

      Beginning January 12, eastbound Route 12 will move to Bay G just past the Galleria at Tyler entrance on Magnolia Avenue. It will no longer stop at Bay D.…

  • Thursday December 05

    Bus Stop Opens in Jurupa Valley

    On Sunday, December 8, RTA will resume service to Bus Stop 2299 on Limonite Avenue near Marlatt Street in Jurupa Valley. The bus stop, which serves southbound Route 21 and…

  • Wednesday November 20

    Route 12 Bus Stop Relocated in Riverside

    Beginning Sunday, December 1, westbound Route 12 Bus Stop 1592 on California Avenue located just after Adams Street will be relocated to just before Adams Street to provide better access…

  • Friday October 25

    New Route 31 Bus Stop Added in Hemet

    Effective Sunday, November 3, Route 31 northbound will serve a new bus stop near the intersection of Gilbert Street and Mayberry Avenue in Hemet. See map for details.

  • Wednesday October 23

    Route 8 Bus Stop Relocated

    Effective Sunday, November 3, Bus Stop #1230 located on Lindsay Street near the corner of Heald Avenue in Lake Elsinore, which serves counterclockwise Route 8, will be moved approximately 350…

  • Tuesday October 15

    Two Bus Stops Serve the US Social Security Office

    For your convenience, RTA has two bus stops serving the US Social Security Administration, which is located at the intersection of Mission Grove Parkway and Earhart Way in Riverside. Stop…

  • Wednesday October 09

    Jury Trolley Stop Temporarily Closed

    From October 7 - 25, the Route 50 Jury Trolley will not serve the Eden Lutheran Church due to parking lot construction. An alternative stop and juror parking lot is…

  • Wednesday September 25

    Public Hearing Planned for Route 54

    RTA is planning to discontinue the Route 54 Downtown Riverside Metrolink Shuttle effective January 12, 2020 due to low ridership and duplication of other services. A public hearing regarding this…

  • Wednesday September 11

    Route 8 Bus Stop Discontinued

    Beginning September 22, the counter-clockwise Route 8 bus stop on Riverside Drive near Lake Crest Drive will be permanently discontinued due to low usage. The nearest stops are #1329 at…

  • Friday September 06

    Chaparral High School Bus Stop Relocated

    Effective Monday, September 9, Bus Stop # 2558 at the intersection of Winchester and Nicolas roads near Chaparral High School in Temecula, which serves southbound routes 23, 55 and 79,…

  • Wednesday August 14

    Old Town Stop Temporarily Closed

    From Monday, August 19 through Sunday, August 25, Bus Stop 2565 at the corner of Sixth and Front streets in Old Town Temecula will be temporarily out of service due…

  • Wednesday August 07

    Bus Stop Relocated

    Effective August 9, Bus Stop # 2511 at the intersection of Winchester and Nicolas roads in Temecula, which serves northbound routes 23 and 79, will be temporarily moved about 100…

  • Tuesday June 18

    Bus Stop Relocated

    Effective June 23, Bus Stop # 2558 at the intersection of Winchester and Nicolas roads in Temecula, which serves southbound routes 23 and 79, will be temporarily moved about 100…

  • Wednesday June 12

    Route 61 Bus Stop Relocation

    Beginning Sunday, June 16, the southbound Route 61 bus stop (#4691) near the intersection of Murrieta and Newport roads in Menifee will be moved approximately 100 feet north. See map…

  • Wednesday June 12

    New Route 16 Bus Stop to Open Sunday

    Beginning Sunday, June 16, RTA will open a new bus stop (#4696) for eastbound Route 16 at the intersection of Box Springs Road and Clark Street in Moreno Valley. See…

  • Friday May 10

    Rt 23 | Maintain Normal Routing in Murrieta

    Affected Route: 23 Due to costumer requests, Route 23 will maintain normal routing in Murrieta. The route will continue to use Avenue Arconte and Skyview Ridge. The bus stops on Skyview Ridge,…

  • Friday March 08

    Bus Stop to Close in Riverside

    On Sunday, March 17, the Route 14 westbound bus stop #2662 on Iowa Avenue near Blaine Street in Riverside will be permanently closed due to congestion in the area. The…

  • Thursday February 21

    Route 40EB To Begin Serving Menifee Hospital

    Beginning Sunday, March 3, eastbound Route 40 buses will begin serving the Menifee Valley Medical Center. Westbound buses are expected to begin serving the hospital as soon as the traffic…

  • Wednesday February 27

    Bus Stop Relocated in Eastvale

    Beginning Sunday, March 10, the Route 3 northbound and Route 29 westbound bus stop (#1222) at the intersection of Hamner Avenue and Eastvale Gateway will move to the intersection of…