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Rider Alerts

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Moreno Valley Mall Loading Zones Have Changed

Due to the recent sidewalk expansion at the Moreno Valley Mall which provides enhanced bus access to persons with disabilities, customers who normally wait for routes 16 and 19 at the bus shelters will be required to board those buses on the sidewalk about 25 feet west of the shelters. New boarding stations are clearly marked on the sidewalk for Zone A, which is for boarding Route 16, and Zone B, which is for boarding Route 19.

Rt 3 | Ride Guide Schedules Incorrect

Please be advised that the new Ride Guide, effective September 13, 2015, contains an error in the weekday southbound schedules under Timepoint #7 (Limonite & Hamner) and Timepoint #6 (Hamner & 65th). The corrected, complete weekday times appear below as well as at bus stop kiosks and at www.RiversideTransit.com.

Rt 8 | Timepoint #7 is Malaga and Mission Trail

Effective September 13, 2015, please be advised that Route 8’s clockwise schedules have a minor error. Timepoint #7 should be Malaga and Mission Trail, not Grand and Baldwin as noted in the new Ride Guide. The Route 8 map and counter clockwise schedules are correct in the new Ride Guide. See correct clockwise schedules below.

Rt 3 | Bus Stop Relocation at Norco College

Effective Sunday, September 13, Route 3 will relocate to a new stop at Norco College. The current stop on West End Drive will be moved to appoximately 300 feet away in front of the Student Center. Dial-A-Ride service and stops at the college will remain unchanged. See map for details.

New Route to Debut in Lake Elsinore, Wildomar

Effective September 13, 2015, existing portions of Route 7 and Route 8 will merge into a brand-new Route 8. The new route will essentially loop around Lake Elsinore using portions of Grand Avenue, Mission Trail and Lakeshore Drive with connections to other RTA routes at the Wildomar Independent and Assisted Living Center, Walmart and Lake Elsinore Outlet Center. The service will be divided into two loops: one that travels clockwise around the lake and another that travels counter-clockwise. Due to low ridership, service along portions of Machado Street and stops on Casino Drive will be discontinued. In addition, an improved Route 23 will be extended to connect with the new Route 8 at the Wildomar Independent and Assisted Living Center. Schedules can be viewed at RiversideTransit.com or inside the new Ride Guides.

Rt 23 | Stops to Temporarily Close

Beginning Monday, August 10, Route 23 bus stops at Prielipp Road and Elizabeth Road in Wildomar will be temporarily closed due to construction. For Route 23 southbound, a temporary stop will be placed about 300 feet east. Northbound customers should use the stop located on Prielipp Road near Inland Valley Drive.

Rt 41 | Detour in Perris

From July 14 through August 14, Route 41 will follow a minor detour in Perris due to road construction. The detour is prompted by the closure of Rider Street between Wilson Avenue and Lakeview Drive.

Rt 18 | Weekend Schedule to Change

Beginning Saturday, June 20, the Route 18 weekend schedule will be revised due to low ridership at Moreno Valley College. On Saturdays and Sundays, the route will no longer enter the college campus and will instead end at the Iris Avenue/Lasselle Street bus stop near the campus. Weekday schedules will not be affected.


Rt 13 | Improved Service to County Health Center

Beginning Monday, June 22, Route 13 will follow new routing to better serve the County of Riverside Mental Health Center. The new routing will no longer travel on Iowa Avenue between Marlborough Avenue and Spruce Street. Schedules will not be affected by the change.

Rt 15 | Weekday Schedule to Change

Effective Monday, June 8, Route 15 will follow a new westbound and eastbound schedule not listed in the Ride Guide. The new schedule, which removes the La Sierra and Arizona timepoint due to low ridership at Arizona Middle School, affects one weekday morning and one weekday afternoon trip. The adjusted eastbound trip will depart Merced and Magnolia timepoint at 3:29 p.m., 10 minutes later than the current time. The westbound trip will arrive at the Merced and Magnolia timepoint at 8 a.m., eight minutes earlier than the current time.

Map and Schedule

Rt 8 | Delays in Lake Elsinore

Expect Delays in Lake Elsinore Due to Road Construction

Customers who ride Route 8 in Lake Elsinore should expect delays up to 15 minutes due to road construction on Grand Avenue between Bonnie Lea Drive and Corydon Road. Construction is expected to begin Tuesday, May 26 and last through mid-August.

Route 210/220 | Schedule Error

Please be advised of an error in the current Ride Guide for CommuterLink Route 210/SunLine 220. Two of the timepoints on the printed schedule are mislabled. Timepoint 8 should read SunLine Transit Hub while Timepoint 9 should read Palm Desert Mall. 

Rts 19 & 27 Southbound | Adjusted in Perris

Effective Saturday, May 16, routes 19 and 27 will follow new southbound routing in Perris to better serve the downtown area and avoid areas of congestion. The new routing will use portions of Perris Boulevard and 4th and C streets. Northbound service will remain unchanged.

Rt 79 | Detour Lifted

Beginning Sunday, May 10, Route 79 will resume normal routing in Old Town Temecula, following the conclusion of road construction on Main Street. 

Rt 24 | Detour Lifted

Beginning Sunday, May 10, Route 24 will resume normal routing in Old Town Temecula, following the conclusion of road construction on Main Street. 

Rt 23 | Transfer Point to Change

Beginning Monday, April 13, Route 23 will follow new schedules due to the relocation of a transfer point near Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar. The new transfer point will be moved from Inland Valley Medical Center to nearby Prielipp Road, where customers can catch the Route 23 or transfer to the Route 7. Details are listed on this page.

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