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Rider Alerts

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Rt 23 | Adjustment in Murrieta

Beginning Sunday, May 12, Route 23 will be adjusted in Murrieta along California Oaks Road. To boost efficiency, the route will no longer use Avenue Arconte and Skyview Ridge and new stops will be added on California Oaks Road. See map for details.

Affected Route: 23

Bus Shelters to Get Upgrades

This spring, the Riverside Transit Agency is pleased to announce the enhancement of 20 bus shelters in Mead Valley, Menifee, Moreno Valley and Riverside. The majority of the improvements will target shelters in Moreno Valley along Alessandro Boulevard and Cottonwood Avenue. From March through June, these shelters will remain in service while crews renovate them with a fresh new look. Please note that during construction, these stops will remain in service even though the shelters, bench and trash receptacles may be temporarily removed for up to three days.

Affected Routes: Various

Rt 14 | Bus Stop to Close

On Sunday, March 17, the Route 14 westbound bus stop #2662 on Iowa Avenue near Blaine Street in Riverside will be permanently closed due to congestion in the area. The closest stop, #3422, is approximately 800 feet away.

Affected Route: 14

Rts 3 & 29 | Bus Stop Relocated in Eastvale

Beginning Sunday, March 10, the Route 3 northbound and Route 29 westbound bus stop (#1222) at the intersection of Hamner Avenue and Eastvale Gateway will move to the intersection of Hamner Avenue and the entrance of Swan Lake Mobile Home Park.

Affected Routes: 3, 29

Rt 40EB | To Begin Serving Menifee Hospital

Beginning Sunday, March 3, eastbound Route 40 buses will begin serving the Menifee Valley Medical Center. Westbound buses are expected to begin serving the hospital as soon as the traffic signals are installed in this area, but in the meantime, the nearest westbound stop is on McCall Boulevard near Hillpointe Drive. See map for details.

Affected Route: 40

Rt 8 | Stop Added in Lake Elsinore

Beginning Sunday, March 3, counterclockwise Route 8 will serve a new bus stop at the intersection of Collier and Central avenues in Lake Elsinore. See map for details.

Affected Route: 8

Two New Stops Near UC Riverside

On Sunday, February 24, RTA will introduce two new bus stops near UC Riverside. Bus stop 4686 near the intersection of Iowa and University avenues will serve routes 14 westbound and 204 northbound. Bus stop 4685 at the University Village shopping center on University Avenue will serve Gold Line westbound and routes 1 westbound, 16 westbound and 52 clockwise. Nearby bus stops 1759 and 1785 will be discontinued.

Affected Routes: 1, 14, 16, 52 and 204

Rt 8 | Two Wildomar Bus Stops Temporarily Closed

Due to construction in the area, two Route 8 bus stops on Mission Trail in Wildomar will be closed for approximately 30 days, beginning Monday, February 4. Those stops are at the intersections of Mission Trail and Olive Street (Stop 1386) and Sedco Boulevard (Stop 1387). See map for details.

Rts 31, 32 | Two Hemet Bus Stops to Close

Beginning Sunday, January 27, RTA will permanently close two Hemet bus stops along Mayberry Avenue. Those bus stops are the Route 31 southbound stop #3030 at the intersection of Mayberry Avenue and Gilbert Street, and the Route 32 northbound stop #2971 at the intersection of Mayberry Avenue and Buena Vista Street. See map for details and nearby alternative stops.

Affected Routes: 31 and 32

Rts 15, 200 | La Sierra Metrolink Station Boarding Diagram

Beginning January 13, routes 15 and 200, as well as OCTA’s Route 794, will begin serving a new bus stop area at the La Sierra Metrolink Station. Please see boarding diagram for information on where your buses will stop.

Affected Routes: 15 and 200

Rt 13EB | Will Travel on Crest Avenue

The eastbound Route 13 will not use portions of Cypress, Chapel and Babb as noted in the new Ride Guide. Both eastbound and westbound buses will follow the same path on Crest Avenue.

Affected Route: 13

Rt 3 | Update for Bus Stops in Norco

Beginning January 13, Route 3 will travel on portions of Market Street instead of Fourth Street in Norco. The change will cancel one bus stop on Fourth Street and relocate two Clark Avenue bus stops to Market Street.

Affected Route: 3

Rts 15, 200 | La Sierra Metrolink Station Bus Stop Relocation

Starting January 13, routes 15 and 200 will serve a new bus stop inside the La Sierra Metrolink Station. The stop is located at newly expanded eastern end of the station. All Route 200 trips will use this new stop instead of the one on Indiana Avenue. Some Route 15 trips will use the new stop, while the majority of Route 15 trips will continue to stop outside the station on Indiana Avenue.

Affected Routes: 15, 200

Temecula Promenade Mobility Hub to Open Jan. 13

On January 13, RTA will open the Temecula Promenade Mobility Hub, prompting an end to temporary stops in the area for routes 55, 79, 202, 205, 206, 208 and 217. The new hub on Ring Road provides expanded room for buses and customers, three shelters, improved lighting and sidewalk upgrades.

Affected Routes: 55, 79, 202, 205, 206, 208, 217

New Hours to Get Reduced Fare IDs

Customers renewing or applying for a reduced fare ID may do so the second Tuesday of each month at the Family Services Association, 8172 Magnolia Avenue, during the new hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. To receive a youth, senior, veteran or disabled ID, customers must provide proper documentation and a photo ID. Contact RTA at (951) 565-5002 with questions.

Rt. 27 | Error in Ride Guide

Please be advised that the new Ride Guide, effective January 13, contains an error. The Route 27 travels north and south, not east and west. All schedules in the Ride Guide and at bus stop kiosks are correct.

Rt. 212 | To Be Discontinued January 13

Beginning January 13, RTA will discontinue Route 212. The portion of Route 212 that connects Hemet with Perris will be served by the new Route 28, while the portion that connects Perris with Riverside will be served by routes 22 and 208. The portion of Route 212 that connects San Jacinto and Hemet will be served by routes 31, 32, 74 and 217. The Route 28 will operate seven days a week and provide connections with other RTA routes at the Hemet Valley Mall and Perris Station Transit Center. Get more details inside the new Ride Guide and Service Change Guide or by calling our Customer Information Center at (951) 565-5002.

Riverside Stops to Temporarily Close this Weekend

From Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2, Riverside bus stops at the intersection of Magnolia and La Sierra avenues (stops 1117, 4622 and 4623), and Magnolia Avenue and Polk Street (Stop 1168) will be temporarily closed due to construction. Alternative stops will be available. Regular service will resume Monday, December 3. See map for details.

Affected Routes: Gold Line, 1, 10 and 15

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