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Students Ride The Bus For A Quarter On Winter Break

Promotion runs from December 21 through January 13

Students itching to get out of the house during winter break are in luck.

The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is once again offering a special 25-cent fare for students who ride the bus between December 21 and January 13. That means anyone in grades 1-12 with a valid school ID can ride for a quarter to the movies, the mall, a friend’s house, Disneyland — anywhere RTA buses goes, anytime they operate.

With a safe environment, comfortable seating, bike racks, free Wi-Fi service and USB charging ports, it’s a great time to ride the bus.

For years, RTA has offered discounts to youth riders, but this approach of offering rides for a quarter has been especially effective in igniting interest in public transit. In fact, when RTA launched the quarter-rides during the summer and winter breaks of 2017, youth ridership climbed by 44,000 boardings. This summer, RTA buses carried more than 190,000 youth boardings, up 26 percent compared to last year. RTA expects another ridership boost this winter thanks to the 25-cent fares.

RTA Chairman of the Board Randon Lane said the program has increased bus ridership during a traditionally slow time for youth riders.

“There’s no doubt that this program is attracting a whole new generation of youth riders,” Lane said. “We are excited to roll out this program for students needing a lift during winter break.”

The quarter rides couldn’t come at a better time. More bus routes than ever are operating on weekends, the popular Route 200 continues to take a growing number of customers to Disneyland, and Route 202 provides express service to the beach. Plus, service is always evolving to serve top local destinations as well as to connect with Metrolink trains headed to more distant places.

While a school ID is the preferred method of getting a 25-cent ride, bus drivers also accept RTA Youth ID cards, California driver’s licenses or state IDs showing the rider is under 19 years old.

RIVERSIDE, CA — December 19, 2018

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