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RTA Plan Calls For New Route, More Express Trips, Enhanced Service

Service change would affect 40 routes, beginning September 

Get ready for a new bus route, better service frequency and improved connections for bus service in Riverside County and beyond. That’s the message Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is telling its customers as it prepares kick off a wave of improvements in September. Another round of changes would come in January 2020.

In all, the proposed changes will target 40 bus routes, enhancing service by removing unproductive trips, improving connections, reliability and on-time performance. RTA will hold a series of public meetings April 23 and 24 to solicit community feedback on the changes before they are presented ― as part of the proposed Short Range Transit Plan and FY20 budget ― to the RTA Governing Board for consideration on May 23. Details of those meetings can be found online.

Perhaps the most significant improvement is the introduction of Route 4 with service connecting Corona, Norco and Eastvale. The route, debuting in January 2020, would operate every 50 minutes on weekdays. RTA would also boost Route 1’s weekend service frequency from the current 30 minutes to every 15 minutes. Plus, customers who ride RTA’s CommuterLink express routes 204, 206, 208 and 217 would benefit from a flurry of additional trips during the day.


RTA Driver Is Top Cowboy At Regional Roadeo

Kyle Jones hoping for second victory at upcoming international contest

The first Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) driver to win the international bus roadeo has his sights set on a repeat.  

Kyle Jones’ driving skills earned him a first-place victory last weekend at the Southern California Regional Bus Roadeo in Los Angeles where he competed against 14 other transit agencies. Next stop is the super bowl of bus driving competitions, the American Public Transportation’s (APTA) International Bus Roadeo in Louisville, Kentucky on May 19, where he will test his skills against the top bus drivers in the United States and Canada. 

For Kyle, the international contest is a big deal but it’s nothing new. In fact, he won the event in 2017, giving RTA its first international victory in 42 years. Now, he’s ready to add a second major trophy to his collection. 

“Winning the whole thing again would be a major achievement for me,” said Jones, who returns to the international contest for the fourth time. “I’m ready to bring back the trophy for RTA.” 

Bus roadeos are elaborate obstacle courses where speed, timing and precision all matter. During the event, drivers steer their 40,000-pound, 40-foot machines through a timed serpentine course of cones, sharp turns and challenging back-ups. Judges observe the performance of each bus operator and note how well they completed each element on the course. 

Jones earned a spot at this year’s international roadeo after winning local and regional contests. In fact, he has won RTA’s annual bus roadeo four of the past five years, gaining a reputation as RTA’s undisputed cowboy. His international driving victory in 2017 is the first ever for Riverside and San Bernardino counties, and Southern California as a whole. 

Jones has worked with RTA for 13 years and currently drives Route 41.

RTA Chair Randon Lane applauded Kyle for his success in the regional contest. 

“We are so proud of Kyle and wish him the best of luck as he represents RTA at the international contest,” he said. “These events are a great way to illustrate how RTA drivers are the best in the business and also spotlight our commitment to driver training and safety on the road.”  

RIVERSIDE, CA — April 16, 2019

19 4 RTA Kyle Jones v5



Board Member Nears End of Epic Journey

Next Thursday, RTA Board member Randon Lane will become first to ride all bus routes

Looking for someone who knows how to get around on the bus? Just ask Riverside Transit Agency Chairman Randon Lane. After all, he’s ridden on virtually every bus route. All 48 of them. Both ways.

Lane’s public transportation odyssey — which has stretched from his home city of Murrieta to San Bernardino, from Corona to Escondido, Riverside to Disneyland, and everything in between — comes to an end next Thursday, January 24 when his Route 10 bus stops at RTA headquarters in Riverside.

When that happens, Lane will be the first person to have ridden every bus route from end to end, east-west and north-south. That’s 2,000 miles and no small accomplishment considering that’s almost as many miles as it takes to go from the Inland Empire to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

For Lane, who owns his own car, this epic bus journey is all about experiencing firsthand the routes and customers that he — and his fellow Board members — are making decisions about.

“This journey has given me a chance to meet some wonderful people and gain a special insight into how and where our buses operate and the evolving needs of our customers,” he said. “It’s been a great experience.”

When his travels end next week, Lane will have spent 113 hours and parts of 35 days inside dozens of buses. Much of that time was spent meeting drivers, mingling with students, commuters and other regulars while getting work done on his laptop.

“There’s a lot more to public transit than people think,” Lane said. “The conversations I’ve had with our customers and the things I’ve learned along the way have been priceless.”

Randon Press Release

RIVERSIDE, CA — January 15, 2019 


Lane To Lead Riverside Transit Agency In 2019

Murrieta’s Randon Lane unanimously chosen as new chair for RTA’s 42nd year

The Riverside Transit Agency’s (RTA) Board of Directors has unanimously chosen Murrieta City Council Member Randon Lane to lead the 22-member governing board for the upcoming year.

As chair, Lane will be responsible for leading the RTA Board in setting policy, guiding Agency priorities, conducting the Agency’s monthly Board meetings and representing RTA during public events. Lane, who has been on the Board since 2009 and served as first vice chairman in 2018, fills the position most recently held by Banning City Council Member Art Welch.

“I am honored to be selected by my fellow Board members for this important position,” Lane said. “This is an exciting time for the Riverside Transit Agency as we continue to evolve in significant ways to ensure public transportation remains a vital part of our communities.”

RTA Board members also voted Wildomar City Council Member Bridgette Moore as first vice chair and Norco City Council Member Berwin Hanna as second vice chair.

Lane has been a strong proponent of public transportation in Riverside County and beyond. In fact, he has made it a personal challenge to ride all of RTA’s 47 routes, a task he expects to complete next month.

In addition to his responsibilities on the Board of Directors, Lane also sits on RTA’s Administration and Operations Committee and is a long-standing member of the Southwest Chapter of Transportation NOW, a grassroots group dedicated to promoting public transportation in the region.

Lane assumes leadership during a period of remarkable growth. From the launch of RapidLink Gold Line express service, to the end of construction on the Temecula Mobility Hub, to renewed partnerships with area colleges and universities, to new service to Disneyland, and special programs that pumped up youth ridership — RTA is growing like never before.

“RTA is powered by experience, inspired by our customers and motivated to push the limits of public transportation,” Lane said. “It’s a great time to be a bus rider.”

RIVERSIDE, CA — December 14, 2018

Randon Lane


Hero Driver Rescues Child From Busy Street

Claudia Mendez applauded for compassion and customer service

A Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) coach operator is being praised for helping a young mother who was having a seizure at a bus stop and caring for her daughter until help arrived — an event that shows bus drivers do great work even when they are not behind the wheel.

Early morning on November 13, Claudia Mendez was driving her Route 27 bus along Highway 74 near Hemet. As she approached what she thought was a vacant stop, she noticed a woman on the ground having a seizure. Next to the woman was a toddler who was in danger of wandering onto the busy road.

“It was a very dangerous situation,” Claudia said. “The child was two or three years old and she looked scared. I just didn’t want to leave that child unattended and near that road.”

Without hesitation, Claudia stopped her bus, exited the front doors and rushed to the scene. After assisting the woman, Claudia brought the little girl onto the bus and called dispatch to request an ambulance. Later, when paramedics arrived and the child was safely reunited with her mother, Claudia went back to being a bus driver and continued on her route.

“Once paramedics showed up and did their part I felt a whole lot better,” Claudia said. “I just went back to work.”

Claudia’s courageous actions didn’t go unnoticed. Next month, RTA’s Board of Directors will present Claudia with a hero award for her actions that day.

RTA Chairman Art Welch applauded Claudia for a job well done, adding that the incident tested her training, vigilance and attention to detail.

“Claudia’s heroic actions represent an extraordinary commitment to customer service, amazing courage, and uncompromising compassion to help those in need,” Welch said. “This was a team effort that had a very happy ending.”

Such actions aren’t unusual for RTA bus drivers. In fact, drivers do much more than just move people from place to place. Sometimes they help police find and assist people in need. Sometimes those people are senior citizens with dementia. Sometimes they are teenage runaways. Often, drivers like Claudia are guardians on the streets, helping people in need in a spectrum of different ways.

Claudia doesn’t think of herself as a hero.

“This isn’t about being a hero,” she said. “It’s all about caring for other people and being kind to others, even if they are complete strangers. I was just happy to be in the right place at the right time.”

RIVERSIDE, CA — November 28, 2018

IMG 3807 v3Web


Public Invited To Stuff An RTA Bus For Area Youth

The November 15 event can fill buses with enough donations to last a year

This week, members of the public can help a child in need by stuffing a bus with donations.

The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) and Operation SafeHouse are teaming up once again for the annual “Stuff the Bus” event this Thursday, which aims to pack two 40-foot buses with donated food, linens, toiletries and other items for area youth in crisis.

Now in its 11th year, the event will take place at several locations across the region from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Donations will be accepted aboard RTA buses at the County Administration Center, 4080 Lemon St. (1 p.m.), Riverside City Hall, 3900 Main St. (2 p.m.), Riverside Metro Auto Group, 8330 Indiana Avenue (3 p.m.), and Riverside Target, 3520 Tyler St. (3:30 - 7 p.m.).

The donated items are distributed to SafeHouse’s emergency shelters and transitional living programs in Riverside and Thousand Palms. Last year’s event produced more than 10,000 donated items, ranging from brooms and brushes to dish soap and shaving cream.

“We are so proud to be part of an effort that gives children the tools they need to improve and enrich their lives,” said RTA Chairman Art Welch. “Everyone is invited to make a contribution, no matter how small, to this very worthy cause.”

SafeHouse Director Fonda McGensy said the donations typically keep inventory shelves stocked for an entire year, benefitting dozens of children. Plus, McGensy added, the bus is a convenient drop-off point. People don’t need to carry donations into a building; they simply drive by and drop off the donations at the bus.

“It’s such a simple way to make a big difference in a child’s life,” McGensy said. “It’s always great to see the community pull together to help area youth. We expect a big turnout this year.”

For information about SafeHouse and Stuff the Bus, please contact Fonda McGensy at (951) 858-3701.

 RIVERSIDE, CA — November 12, 2018


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