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BusWatch – Real-Time Bus Tracker

Wondering when the next bus will arrive? Never fear. Thanks to our new version of BusWatch, customers can view more arrival times than ever before. The service is free and easy to use from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Simply click the Bus Times window and input your route and stop information. Then, presto, check out the exact arrival time for your bus, plus the arrival times of other routes headed your way. 

Or click the Bus Map window to get a birds-eye view of bus stops and routes in your area. The map also pinpoints the exact location of buses along the route and how many minutes away they are from stops.

You can also create a personal account and sign up to receive arrivals and alerts by email or text message.

The latest version of BusWatch include all fixed-route large buses. In early 2017, RTA will expand this cutting-edge technology to its entire fixed-route fleet, meaning customers on every bus, big or small, will benefit from a more enjoyable travel experience. At the same time we are installing free Wi-Fi on all fixed-route buses.

Look for a new RTA app debuting later this year that will allow customers to monitor bus locations and get up-to-the-minute arrival times based on their buses’ speed and last reported location. The app will also include a trip planner, schedule information and rider alerts to keep you in the know. And soon you will be able track your bus using text messaging. Check back for details on these two new features coming later this year.

Check out BusWatch here.

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