RTA traded its current fareboxes for sleeker, modern ones that provide faster, smarter and better fare payment. We installed Genfare Fast Fare fareboxes on all fixed-route buses. They are similar to the current fareboxes and, until fully deployed, you will continue paying as you do now, using cash, paper passes and Token Transit mobile ticketing.

Here’s why Genfare Fast Fare fareboxes are a big deal

The new fareboxes will link to a new mobile ticketing app called GoMobile where you can buy passes, pay your fare, plan your trip and check the next arrival time of your next bus. Plus you can log into a personalized web portal to buy paper passes and reloadable smartcards that can be used on the new fareboxes. We’ll let you know when the new GoMobile app is available for download.

When fully deployed, the fareboxes will accept all kinds of payment types, including paper passes, mobile app tickets, smartcards, tap-enabled credit and debit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay. Cash and coin will also be accepted.

Smartcards, payments using tap-enabled credit and debit cards, and Apple Pay and Google Pay are expected to be introduced in February 2023.

Token Transit will be phased out in January 2023

In January 2023, RTA will phase out the Token Transit app and replace it with the GoMobile app. That means you will no longer be able to purchase passes on Token Transit and all mobile payments will be made through the GoMobile app. U-Pass and Go-Pass mobile passes will also transition to the GoMobile app as well.