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After nearly seven months of asking customers to use the rear doors of the bus to board and exit, On November 2 the Riverside Transit Agency opened the front doors for a more traditional style of boarding and fare payment. In April, RTA switched to rear-door boarding on its larger buses to maximize the safety of drivers and customers. Fare collection, which is done at the front of the bus, was not enforced during that time. On small buses, customers continued to board through the front doors and although they had access to the farebox, fare collection was similarly not enforced.

The return to front-door boarding on all buses enables customers to pay at the farebox by either dipping their pass or using their phones for contact-free payment. Several safety measures will remain in place such as mandatory facemasks, social distancing and protective barriers between the customers and drivers. The move presents an opportunity to strengthen customers’ trust in public transportation, emphasize safety as RTA’s number-one core value, and to ask the community to do their part to maintain a safe environment aboard our buses. Click here to download the Token Transit app and pay with your mobile phone.