On July 1, RTA implemented its first fare increase in more than a decade. The changes follow more than a month of community meetings and a public hearing. RTA’s fares have been generally lower than that of neighboring transit agencies. But with rising operational costs, expanded service, and a state requirement that passenger fares pay a certain percentage of overall operational costs, RTA was compelled to make the adjustment to continue to receive state funding and maintain existing service levels. 




 General/Youth  $1.75
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder  75¢
Veteran  75¢
Child (46" tall or under)  50¢
 General  $5
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder  $2.50
Veteran $2.50
 General  $20
 30-DAY PASS  
 General  $60
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder  $30
Veteran  $30
Youth (grades 1-12)  $45


 General/Youth  $3.50
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder  $2.75
Veteran  $2.75
Child (46" tall or under)  $2.75
 General  $10
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder  $7
Veteran $7
 30-DAY PASS  
 General  $95
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Card Holder  $70
Veteran  $70


 Cash  $3.50 - $10.50
10-Ticket Book  $35
 Cash 75¢


RTA Passes Are Getting a Whole New Look

Beginning Monday, July 1, RTA’s bus passes will get a makeover. The new look corresponds with a fare adjustment that also begins on the same date. The new passes have unique splashes of color, are the size of a credit card and include a magnetic strip on the back for quick and easy boarding. They come in a spectrum of 1-Day, 7-Day and 30-Day varieties, including ones for general, senior/disabled and youth riders. Get yours today at RTA headquarters, at participating pass outlets, or online here.



Q: Will there be any changes in the free transfers between Metrolink, Omnitrans, Pass Transit or Corona Cruiser?
No changes to our current contracts with these agencies are anticipated at this time.

Q: Can I return, refund or exchange my pre-purchased passes or tickets?
Any current unused tickets or unvalidated passes may be returned to RTA headquarters for credit toward the purchase of new passes/tickets after July 1. The customer will be credited the cost of the old pass or ticket and will pay the difference for a new pass or ticket. Exchanges may be done in-person or by mail. No refunds will be issued. All exchanges must be complete by September 1.

Q: What if I validated my 30-Day or 7-Day Pass before July 1 and it does not expire until after the change?
Passes validated before the change will be accepted until they expire. No refunds, credit or exchanges will be issued for expired or unused days on validated passes.

Q: What will happen if I try to use old fare media after July 1?
Between July 1 and August 1, old 7-day and 30-day passes may be activated but they will expire seven or 30 days after activation. Beginning August 1, old unvalidated fare media will not be accepted on the bus.

Q: When will sales outlets have the new media for sale?
All pass sales outlets will begin selling the new media on July 1.

Q: Can I purchase and/or activate the new fare media before it becomes effective?
New fare media will be available at RTA’s Riverside office beginning July 1 and may be activated upon purchase.

Q: How long is a 1-Day pass valid?
It is valid from the moment you activate it until the end of that same transit day at 11:59 p.m.

Q: Are 7-Day and 30-Day passes valid for consecutive days or days used?
They are valid from the first time you activate it through seven or 30 consecutive days.

Q: When will mobile ticketing be available?
RTA is currently working with Token Transit to offer a mobile ticketing app. RTA is conducting a pilot plans to offer it to all customers this summer or fall.

If you have additional questions please contact the Customer Information Center at (951) 565-5002.