How To Get Real-Time Bus Arrival Information

How To Get Real-Time Bus Arrival Information


How the system works

1. At your bus stop, locate the four-digit bus stop ID number on the bus stop sign or the BusWatch information panel.

2. On your mobile device, text to 41411 the word "rtabus," add a space, and then add the stop ID number. For example, if your stop number is 3513, you would type: rtabus 3513.

3. After your text is received, you’ll get a message a few seconds later confirming your location and the next arrival times. In this example, 3513 confirms your location at an eastbound bus stop at the Galleria at Tyler, and the next Route 1 buses heading east towards UCR will arrive in four minutes and 24 minutes.

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How to get information for just one route

If you are only interested in getting arrival times for one route, simply specify a route number in your request. For example, if you only want to get arrival times for Route 1 buses arriving to stop 3513 at the Galleria at Tyler, add “rt1” to the end of your message. For example: rtabus 3513 rt1.

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How to refresh results, get service alerts and unsubscribe

Reply to the text message you recieve with an "S" to get service alerts on other routes that serve the same stop.

Reply with an "R" to refresh results for arriving buses at the stop. If your stop has multiple routes serving it, your results may not fit in one text message. In that case, you type "N" to see more results.

If you have subscribed on the RTA BusWatch website to receive ongoing text messages for service alerts or arrivals, you can always text "STOP" to unsubscribe.

How to let us know where you are so we can help

Refer to the four-digit stop number when calling

RTA When calling RTA’s Customer Information Center for travel assistance, give them your stop ID number instead of a cross street. Doing so will help our friendly staff pinpoint your exact location and provide faster service.

Google maps

The bus stop ID numbers are also available on Google maps by clicking blue the bus stop icon. After clicking the icon a pop-up box will appear with information about the stop including the bus stop ID number.

Google Map BusWatch v02

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