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The Riverside Transit Agency is pleased to offer you greater flexibility and more options to get to your destination by combining two popular modes of transportation — the bicycle and the bus. RTA’s Bikes On Bus program features bike racks on all fixed-route buses. Now all you have to do is ride your bike to the nearest RTA bus stop, load your bike onto the bike rack, and go to your destination! It’s easy, free and convenient.


Two bikes are allowed per bike rack, and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. No bikes will be allowed inside the bus.

  • Single seat, two-wheeled bicycles, measuring not more than 69.5 inches long, 40 inches high, and 29 inches wide at the handle bars, and with a wheel diameter of 20 inches to 29 inches and up to a 44 inch wheel base, will be permitted on the bike rack. No “mopeds” are allowed.
  • Cyclist is responsible for loading and unloading the bicycle from rack. The bus operator will not be permitted to assist the cyclist.
  • There is no bike permit required to use the racks. Just load your bike and go!
  • There is no additional cost required to load your bike onto the racks.
  • RTA is not responsible for bikes left on or damaged while on the bike racks.
  • Folding bikes may be taken on board buses if they are folded.


  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when loading or unloading their bicycle from the rack.
  • Children’s bicycles are permitted provided that the “J-Hook” fits snugly over the front tire of the bicycle.


Watch the How to Use a Bike Rack Video - English

(Please read carefully)

  1. When waiting for the bus, stand a safe distance from the curb (NOT IN THE STREET), and wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before stepping out to use the bike rack. Please signal to the driver that you will be loading your bicycle.
  2. Release the bike rack by squeezing the latch handle and slowly lowering the rack.
  3. Look for the area labeled “FRONT WHEEL.” Lift your bike into the rack so the front tire rests in the area labeled “FRONT WHEEL” and the back tire rests in the slot behind it.
  4. To secure your bike for transport, grasp the silver metal “J-Hook” and pull out where labeled “PULL.” Pull up and slide the “J-Hook” so it rests on the top of your front tire. Your bike is now secure and you may board the bus.
  5. When leaving the bus, exit through the front door and REMIND THE DRIVER THAT YOU ARE REMOVING YOUR BIKE FROM THE RACK.
  6. After removing your bike, if there are no other bikes on the rack, lift the rack up until the latch “clicks” into place and is secure.
  7. Move your bike onto the curb and wait until the bus passes.

Forgotten bikes will be held for no more than five business days.

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